Drone filming

Amour Wedding Videos CAA approved professional drone operators

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Aerial filming with Drones has opened up new and exciting filming opportunities in the wedding industry.

There are many companies who buy drones to offer drone filming services, Amour wedding videos are different in that we are first and foremost wedding videographers and professional cameramen. This sets us apart from inexperienced camera operators with a drone.

To film your wedding with a drone, the company must be insured and also CAA approved for commercial operations.

The CAA publish a list of approved operators on their web site and this is a good place to check prior to booking with a company.

Without this permission it is illegal to use a drone at a wedding and the venue can and should refuse to allow the filming.

Drones have become very popular but they are also a big investment in both equipment and training.

When Amour wedding videos first looked at wedding filming with drones we decided to subcontract the work out.

The problem we found was that travelling all over Scotland and having often changeable weather meant that the cost of offering this service was prohibitive to our clients along with being unreliable.

Not many Drone companies will sit around all day hoping for a short window of opportunity in the weather.

By having our own equipment and being CAA approved for commercial operations means that we have the equipment on site at all times. If the weather on your wedding day is poor we can often grab an opportunity to film at a moments notice. This has often proven invaluable in capturing some stunning footage when other companies may have packed up and gone home.

Amour wedding videos have invested in the best training available and  in some of the best equipment to bring broadcast quality aerial filming to your wedding video.

We can advise you of the feasibility of filming at your chosen venue which includes the location of your venue and the airspace restrictions if any.

As CAA approved operators we can legally and safely fly and film in built up areas when other companies cannot.

The CAA provide a list of all approved operators on their web site for your reference.

Without CAA approval it is impossible to obtain insurance and venues can and should refuse permission for filming.