Frequently asked Questions about wedding videography

What is the difference between a documentary wedding video and a cinematic wedding film?

A cinematic wedding video is a short form wedding film and as such usually only lasts about 40 minutes maximum. It can look very spectacular because only the highlights of the day are delivered.

A documentary wedding film provides you with much more coverage of the whole wedding day.

The speeches and wedding ceremony are delivered to you without removing parts of it.

A cinematic wedding film can often be more intrusive during the day due to the emphasis on getting the shot.

Your main film can last as long as 3 hours, however there are chapters so you can skip to the parts you want to see.

Amour wedding videos provide you with the best of both worlds by providing you with a short cinematic highlight film.

Do we need two cameramen?

We definitely recommend two cameramen for your wedding day.

There is so much going on during your wedding that you will probably miss most of it.

During your ceremony we use multiple cameras because unlike photographers we have to record constantly and we also have to record the sound.

After the ceremony one cameraman will stay with the bridal party whilst the other will be discretely filming your guests at the drinks reception.

How do you capture the sound so clearly?

Sound is so important in a wedding film, the words you say to each other during the ceremony and also during the speeches can have so much meaning to you.

To capture the sound clearly requires specialist microphones that are not only high in quality but also very discrete. 

Film studios use professional sound engineers to do this but we have spent years perfecting this skill and we would never rely on just camera microphones.

Our video cameras are too far away from you to capture the words clearly.

Amour wedding videos use small digital audio recorders along with broadcast quality lapel microphones to ensure we can capture the sound as clearly as we can.

Can we choose our own music?

Yes, absoluely. We can obtain PRS music licenses for any music you wish to choose for your wedding films.

If you wish your film to be seen on social media, YouTube for example then we have to purchase separate music for that due to licensing.

How far in advance should we book?

We are often booked at least 2 years in advance. This is especially true for popular venues and popular dates in the spring and summer when we can be booked 3 years in advance.

Most high quality wedding photographers are the same.

My partner is nervous about being filmed and doesn't want a camera in their face all day?

This is one of the most common questions or concerns we have from couples who are considering a wedding video.

Having had my own wedding filmed I can appreciate that some people are nervous about being filmed.

Amour wedding videos will always try to be discrete during the day, if we are moving about during the ceremony then we will be distracting not only you but your guests. This is why we try not to move around too much.

During the speeches we will again try to remain away from the top table so that we do not cause any more nerves than there are already.

We love to meet up with everyone prior to the wedding and by doing this hopefully on your wedding day you will feel comfortable having us as part of your wedding day.

How long does it take to deliver the wedding films?

we try very hard to limit the time it takes to deliver your films.

We do not set a date for delivery but often it can be within as little as 10 weeks.

After your wedding day our work is just begining as the offloading, checking and then editing of your wedding footage takes about 3 days.

Converting the final edit into the delivery formats can also be a long process.

This is why we always keep in touch with you after your wedding to let you know how we are progressing with your wedding video.

We edit each wedding in turn and do not offer a priority editing service as this I think, unfair to other clients.

Is every venue suitable for aerial filming with drones?

Unfortunately not every wedding venue is suitable for drone filming. This can be for several reasons including location of the venue or type of venue. There are sometimes restrictions on airspace and also proximity to the public.

Most city center hotels are not suitable due to legal restrictions on the use of drones.

Although we are CAA approved for filming in residential areas we still have to abide by the laws.

Sometimes we are shown footage by Brides and Grooms of their venue that they have found on YouTube.

Quite often unfortunately it is very clear that the filming they are seeing was obtained illegally and without following the law.

You can be assured that Amour wedding videos will never film in circumstances that is either illegal or unsafe. Your safety ( and the safety of the general public) is our priority.

This does mean that sometimes we have to say no to aerial filming.

We recommend that you contact us in advance so that we can study your venue and give you the best possible advice about aerial filming.

Please drop us an email using the contact form if you have any other questions about wedding videos